Detailed Engineering

Production drawing preparations:


  • Faired Lines and Offsets
  • Production Documentation
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Part List / WCOG
  • Plate Shaping Template information
  • Plate shaping Jig Information
  • Cutting Plan / Nesting Plan

Machinery and Piping

  • Volume Creation of ER Machinery and Fittings
  • Piping Layout and 3D Routing
  • Isometrics
  • Pipe Bending Info
  • Spool Drawings
  • BOM


  • Volume Creation of Machinery and Fittings
  • Cable Tray Layout and 3D Routing
  • Cable Tray BOM


  • Volume Creation of ER Machinery, Deck Machinery and Fittings
  • AHR Layout in 3D
  • Duct Layout and 3D Routing
  • Fabrication and Assembly Plans


  • Volume Creation of Deck Machinery and Fittings
  • Foundation Drawings
  • Bulwark, Railings
  • Ladders and Stairs