Design Consultation


To commission a new build or reconfiguration is a big decision. There are many threads to pull together, and the money involved is usually significant. We understand the need to get it right the first time.

We have years of experience, not just in designing boats but of working and living on them. Many customers considering a build find it valuable to sit down and discuss their project and to clarify exactly what features they need in their next boat and ensure they will be getting maximum value and utility.

While the customer usually has a good idea of the day-to-day functions required of a vessel, the designer will also be considering a whole range of other variables - movement of the hull in the water (both loaded and light), materials and construction methods, fuel systems and efficiency, safety aspects in good and adverse conditions.

Small variations in the design and outfitting of a boat can make big differences in performance. We can clarify so much of this by early dialogue, to ensure the final product delivers up to expectations.

At the beginning of any project it is worth investing in time with a designer to define as many aspects of the project as possible.